User agreement


1. When paying for the goods, the buyer checks the box "I agree with the terms / conditions of the store" and automatically confirms that he is familiar with the rules of the store, the description of the goods, the rules for replacing and returning the purchased goods.

2. The purchased product is non-refundable, except in cases of its invalidity (if the account is blocked, deleted, an error was made in the product description).

3. Check the product immediately after buying it. If a problem occurs - invalid, blocked, etc. accounts, report immediately. Time to check the goods after purchase - 2 hours. After the specified period, the responsibility for the purchased goods lies with you and the goods cannot be replaced or returned. If you cannot test a large quantity of a product soon after purchasing, buy the quantity that you can test immediately. Buy the quantity of goods that you can check in the allotted time.

3.2 Refunds/replacements will not be made after logging into the account, or if other purchase requirements specified below and in the product description were violated.

Practice shows that if you logged into your account, then the problem is most likely on your side (proxy, software, vpn, etc.). Therefore, check your accounts before logging into them.

The validity of accounts is checked by its ID or by a verification service. After you log into your account, no replacements are made.

If you are logged into your account and there is either a check or a ban, then this may be caused by your login, or your other actions that do not fit the proxy, and such accounts are not subject to return and exchange. After you log into your account, no replacements are made.

That is, including the store is not responsible for the performance of third-party services that automate the work with accounts, such as dolphin, fb tools and others, and does not guarantee the compatibility of cookies, access token. Check to start on a small amount before a bulk purchase.

It is also not a reason to replace or return an account:

If the mail in the kit is blocked.
If after creating a fan-page, business manager, adding a card in billing or any other actions, the account was blocked.
If you can't create a business manager on your Facebook account.
If you bought an account with a token, uploaded it to auto-bay and found that there is no advertising account there (this can be easily fixed by entering ADS, unfortunately such a bug happens).
If you used a public checker, public proxies to check accounts or any actions with them, including an attempt to log in. This is almost 100% chance of blocking and losing your accounts.
3.3 Please, when contacting the support service, send all the data with the question at once (description and screenshot of the problem, what proxies you use, what actions you performed). Remember that the more information you need, the faster the issue will be resolved! Take care of your own and other people's time. Support has the right to refuse to resolve the issue without providing complete data on the problem.

4. Before buying, ask all questions in support at the specified contacts. If you were inattentive when choosing a product and having bought it, then make claims that this is not what you need, not what you wanted to buy, and so on, remember that accounts are subject to replacement only if they are invalid. Accounts purchased by mistake are not exchanged for others and the funds spent on them are not refunded.

Refunds for QIWI and USDT only.

5. All sales in our store are carried out only in one hand. But the goods in the store are added from account providers. Therefore, for the sake of general security and in order to avoid misunderstandings and problems, we strongly recommend that after purchasing any accounts, change the access methods - passwords, additional data, if any. For our part, we cannot guarantee that all account providers are 100% fulfilling the agreed obligations. In addition, as it was written above in the rules, after the purchase, the responsibility for the goods passes to the buyer - therefore, after the purchase, you must change all account security data - passwords, add. mail and any other data. We do not need to write to us in a month that access to accounts and so on suddenly disappeared. Remember that if you have not changed the data, claims and complaints will not be accepted.

6. If you have a problem with the purchase of goods, please contact support and be sure to immediately indicate the essence of the issue and purchase data. The more detailed you describe your problem / question, the faster we can solve it!

7. After your request, a response from support occurs within 30-60 minutes during the daytime, but can take up to 24 hours in some cases.

Don't worry, we are always in touch. Absolutely all issues will be resolved.

The store has the right to refuse to resolve the issue to the client and close the application without its permission, in case of inappropriate behavior, use of obscene language.

Use your home (local) IP address.
Use VPN services, both paid and free.
Use virtual